Is Anna Hazare Right Or Not?

I am very confused about weather what Anna Hazare is doing is correct or not?

Suppose government approves the Anna Hazare’s LokPal bill, then what? Will that solve the issue of corruption? I am not sure, that will only promote more corruption, with one more department i.e. LokPal.

There is no way you can avoid corruption, until you yourself really want this.

To end corruption we need to have good teachings at home and spread the same in society. This is the only way I can see to end corruption in another say 15-20 years.

There is no immediate solution to the corruption (or we need another bhagat singh to kill the corrupt)

Anna Hazare is the only person seems to be fighting for stopping corrupt in govt. He has initiated a much required revolution.
On other hand, if he is so much worried about the nation, then why don’t he fight the election and let the people of India decide weather they are really in his support or not. In one way, by doing all this, he is actually creating problems like hurting the emergency services, normal routine of a common man, who is struggling to earn bread for his family.

Instead of doing all this, he should concentrate more on creating awareness in people, on how we can kill the corruption. However what he is doing is fighting for LokPal bill and I am very much sure that 99% of people following him are not aware of what LokPal is and how LokPal will operate.

We have other people in India, who are doing so much for the society like Tata group.

People are calling him Gandhi, and personally I do not like Mahatma Gandhi.

To stop corruption, we have to change ourselves not the government because It’s we, who are corrupt.

Is he right? I disagree.

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  1. I believe most of us are youngsters here writing in this forum and I personally believe it is the right time for us to change the way we think and act. It is not because Mr. Hazare is protesting against corruption but for us as well as our generations. Lets light a candle instead of blaming the darkness. Let the change start from this moment and we all should take an oath not to give or accept bribe from this very moment. There should be a starting point for everything and let the credit go this forum and all of us.

  2. Govt fool team anna again.
    Arvind Kejriwal is smart. he knew that govt is only giving assurance and even now there is no guarantee of a strong lokpal bill.
    Every one else is just celebrating like we have won the battle the first battle. NO, It’s still ON.

  3. i guess govt has agreed on most of the points. we like it or not, we have to accept everything. if govt defies anna hazare or they accept his bill, we have to go with that.

    few people mentioned here that stop giving bribe. its easier said than done. try not paying bribe to a govt official when you have some work to be done by them. also somebody said why didn’t you do something like that. do you guys know how many people get killed every year for protesting against corruption. anna hazare got a platform and support, so he can take it forward and many people supporting this movement because they also at some point wanted to do something about corruption.

    why can’t anna hazare tell ppl to change themselves. he doesn’t have to go to everyone. the entire nation is watching him, just say it. 10 news channels will cover that (for TRP of course). there are millions of people supporting anna hazare across india, how many of them are honest?? auto rickshaw union, lawyers etc. how many auto rickshaws are there in india without a faulty meter. how many lawyers honestly fight a case.

    we don’t know what jan lokpal bill is, but we can see something is happening, someone is doing something about corruption and thats the only reason behind this overwhelming support. but the way he is doing it is totally wrong. you don’t go on a fast to get something approved. you fast to protest against something. from next time whenever someone (some powerful person of course) wants a bill to be passed will go on a fast. and if you are not someone like anna hazare to threaten the govt you will be fasting in some corner of india completely ignored for years like sharmila from manipur.

    anna hazare has done a lot of social work and no one can question his intentions, but there are other people associated with him who probably have some hidden agenda (i hope i am wrong). also there is a notion that no one can say anything against anna hazare or his allies, but they can say whatever they feel like about the govt.

    anyways we can only wait and watch. hope something good will come out of this. so lets get back to work.

  4. @dev – first of all you cannot change the people. and the way anna hazare negotiated with govt is not at all acceptable. Didn’t they know that standing committee is full of corrupt leaders and they will never pass the jan lok pal bill.

  5. @dev – first of all you cannot change the people. and the way anna hazare negotiated with govt is not at all acceptable. Didn’t they know that standing committee is full of corrupt leaders and they will never pass the jan lok pal bill.

  6. yes Anna Hazzare is correct, and I am Anna

  7. Anna was totaly Right………………


  9. Yes, I support his movement to some extent. I support the ‘big idea’ behind this, which is to fight corruption. However, his fast unto death is just amounting to drama. In a democracy, only constitutional means should be adopted to find solutions to all matters of public importance. None will disagree with the issue raised by Anna, because he only expresses public grievance against corruption at all levels. But in a Parliamentary democracy, the methods of redressal should be in accordance with the constitution.

  10. @manik – Manik, you’re nuts!

  11. @Mohammed Imran – I think you have a great thinking and writing ability as it stands true that ‘we should be the trend setters whether it is against corruption or accepting new fashion’.

  12. like mahatma gandhi anna hazare is also wasting time, money and exploting fellings of indian people.rather addresing people of india to stand against corruption he is making people to depend on other bill, 2maros bill with hundread of amendments

  13. ya i support you but its unworthy saying yourself anna. u know anna has done what we (all indians including me and YOU) could not. so see to it that u dont repeat this.OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. yaas, he is right!!!!!!!!!!
    i support him wholeheartedly///////////////////

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