Can Bigg boss survive without people like Imam Siddique?

Not a huge fan of Bigg Boss, but definitely it is fun to watch. But question arises is why is this show fun to watch? Is it the concept or the people?

Well i think its the people who make this show interesting. You cannot have fun watching this show watching people like Aashka Goradia, Delnaaz Irani and the countless list of contestants. People like these bring no drama or spice to the show.

Then there are people like Raja Chaudhary, Dolly Bindra, Kamaal Rashid Khan, Akashdeep sehgal and my current favorite Imam Siddique.

Imam Siddique Can Bigg boss survive without people like Imam Siddique?

People like these bring spice to the game, they cause fights in the house, everyone wants them out of the house. But you would see that these people gets nominated every time but escapes out of it. Its not that people are voting heavily for them (voting is fake, i think so). Its just that shows like Bigg Boss can’t survive without people like these.

Any contestant who bring drama will never be thrown out the of the show, and even if there is a situation they are always bring back. The show is so predictable as any contestant that is quite and not causing drama will be out.

If you look at Imam Siddique’s case, if did everything wrong (smoking, swearing, nude act) but still he was called (i am sure begged) to be part of the show. So no doubt i would want to personally interact with these people but definitely they are fun to watch and thus makes this show huge.

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