Facebook feed of a broken heart

This is post on the Facebook page of a broken heart.

    Why you had to wake my faith, if you had none… for sweetness of someone you left my heart burn.
Why you touched my beat , if you felt nothing….for care of someone you let my tears run.
Why you showed me life, if you were leaving….for romance of someone you made me die before my turn….

    I’ve threw all away, the burnt candles, the half done sketches, the poems I couldn’t complete, threw it all… because I was loving a lie.
I’ve washed away, my blood that was flowing, tears which were rolling, your old pic in wallet, I washed it all… because I was living a lie…

    A man who cannot respect his wife, who gives him a home, gives him a reason to come to home and blesses him with a heir, cannot and should not be respected. Feels pathetic to see people disrespecting and cheating on them..

    The most difficult thing in life is to be able to differentiate between people who want you to stay and who want you to leave.

    Friends need comments on this:: If you are Encountered with a condition in your life that a person you really care about (and the inverse may not be true) is going towards a definite fall, a trap or say a danger, And you know that your warning will only get you abuse/blames/insult/attitude.
what will you do……
1- Will let the time take its course and will be there when the friend actually asks for help.
2- Will encourage the person to further do it and learn on his own. and will be with him all that time.
3- Will go and tell him what you think, and will do your best to stop him, taking all the crap..

None of the answers is correct but its on what will you do???…..

    If you must remember someone, remember the brave souls, for they designed the present… If you must follow then follow the wiser one, for they can see the design of future..

    Jab tak hai jaan…..

    A Nice Poem for someone you cannot resist to love.

    I am not able to understand why gals can talk to you when they wish and then suddenly stop talking without even caring for giving a reason??? Pathetically Strange…

And the most funny part is this…an update in his timeline

     In a Relationship
May 10, 2010

He has deleted most of his Facebook updates..which were super stupid. ahh I am too late to capture this.

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