Google Checkout for Indian Merchants

There’s finally cause for celebration for the mobile community in India after Google announced that it has finally enabled developers in the country to sell paid apps for Android through its Google Play app store.

Developers in India can sell paid applications, in-app products and subscriptions in Google Play, with monthly payouts to their local bank accounts. They can take advantage of all of the tools offered by Google Play to monetise their products, and they can target their products to the paid ecosystem of users in India and across the world,” wrote Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, product manager of the Google Play team, in an official Android developers’ blog post.

Set UP

One will have to create a developer’s profile (you can do that here), say ‘yes’ to the developer distribution agreement and pay a registration fee of $25 with credit/debit card (using Google Checkout).

Once done, an Android developer from India can sign in to his/her ‘developer console’ and set up a Google Checkout merchant account.

If one’s apps are already published as free, one can still monetise those by adding in-app products or subscriptions.

New apps can be published as paid ones, in addition to selling in-app products or subscriptions.

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