My Microsoft interview experience

microsoft india development centre My Microsoft interview experience

In March I was contacted by Microsoft and was asked to attend a written test at janakpuri at Meritrak center. They called me for the position of Associate consultant entry level. Fortunately I cleared the test and got the call to come for an interview at ambassador hotel on Saturday.

I was happy, excited and confident that I will crack the MS interview. 20-25 people were already there waiting for the interview. I had to wait for 2 hours for my first round of interview.

In first round he asked some recursion, .NET and Mathematics questions (the questions were pretty simple and could be easily answered). I was satisfied with answers I gave and the interview also seem so. The duration of this round was around 1 hour.

HR told me that I have cleared first round and will again have to wait for next round.

Then after a wait of around 3 hours, my second round of interview began, In which they asked me some questions about team handling, production issues, and some Microsoft tools.

This round went for another 40-45 minutes and then HR told me that they got a very good feedback from interview panel and I have to come next day for director round. I was very happy and called everybody, to share my MS interview experience.

Next day I had to wait for 4 hours for my director round. In this round few general questions were asked and then they suggested that I should try for associate consultant lateral level and for that I have to come to Hyderabad for hands on, they specified that this round will also be an elimination round I happily and confidently agreed.

HR told me that they will send me the tickets in another 2-3 days and I will have to fly on Friday.

But that Friday never came….

However after an endless wait of 1 month I got the call from them. I reached Hyderabad on Saturday but they didn’t organize any cabs from Hyderabad airport to MS office which they promised they will.

In the hands on round they game a problem of stock market to implement in 3 hours.

I did that using C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Linq. And I was pretty confident that this solution is good enough to be implemented in 3 hours.

After hands on we had a discussion for about 15-20 minutes and then they told me that they are not able to decide where I fit in hierarchy. So they will give me call either Monday or Tuesday and I can leave for the day.

As per my previous experience I was sure they are never going to call, so I called them and they told me that panel said u r over skilled for entry level and under skilled for lateral level.

I was shocked…. More than disappointed I was aghast and frustrated with the total mockery that a brand name like Microsoft made out of the entire selection process.

This was not at all expected from MS. So, my experience with MS was a real bad one.

Though one of my friends who appeared for MS process and cleared the rounds got offer letter in just 1 week I could not understand why did they dragged my selection process unnecessarily and gave such a stupid and nonsense excuse in the end.

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  1. That would be great if you can authenticate the users as well.

    Yes, every thing needs to happen in a transaction.
    You also need to drive some logic at server, like if client A buys 100 shares of ACN, then you need to raise the share value of ACN.

    I exactly don’t remember the complete problem. And Server will have to notify the clients about the changes happening at the server.

  2. Hi Lokesh, I got lot of information from the above comments. Thanks a ton. Hope Microsoft will offer you the job soon. I would like to hear from you on Thanks again.

  3. Hey Guys can u tell me what questions should i expect in Directors Round (MGSI) Iam a Fresher without any work exp, will they ask only HR questions or should i expect Technical Questions too

  4. Hey can any one tell me what i can expect in Directors Round (MGSI) will they ask HR related questions or should I expect Technical ones too.


  5. In Manager round, they ask about your experience, that is what all you did in last few years, what kind of role you have played and what is expected from you in coming years. It is a mix of both hr and technical. These guys are one’s who are working with MS since last 9-10 years and are technical people.

    all the best.

  6. I didn’t realize that you a fresher. Then you can expect more of hr questions.

  7. sorry guys was out of this topic for long time.Send me a mail for any questions.I did clear all the rounds last yr,but did not join because of compensation,and just after that offer I got an offer from another big organization which gave me double my salary package.I Took the MS offer letter and did not join.U may contact me for any other details regarding the exam ,interview nd all.

    Jayant Khanna

  8. Hi Lokesh… Thanks a lot for sharing the info.. This will really help us all .. Could you please elaborate more on the hands on which u said was of share market. I mean what kind of situation was given to you…..

  9. One server, and multiple clients. They want me to use the duplex WCF services.

  10. Hi Lokesh.. thanks a lot for sharing this info.
    But could you please elaborate more on hands on round. I mean what kind of application they gave you to create in 4 hours

  11. On Stock Market?? Duplex WCF Services means?

  12. Duplex WCF Services???

  13. Hello dude, it seems you have enough patience to face all the critics in life.. That’s good:)

  14. @Jayant Khanna

    Please tell me ,what will be the questions in Director’s round.
    Will that be technical mixed with mangerial questions?
    what is that they expect from this interview ,what type of questions they may ask?

    I will be thankful if you can help me out about this ,i have cleared 4 rounds for senior consultant role.

    Please reply.