MTV Roadies 8 fake Suraj aka Nagesh

This is the inspirational video of a boy named Suraj who came from a small village made it to MTV Roadies 8. Everyone was so touched with his story and his hard work.

But now let’s see Suraj aka Nagesh reality. Suraj aka Nagesh of MTV Roadies 8 has been a student of the Indian Institute of Bartending. Check out

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In the above picture he clearly mentions “Hi I am Nagesh, from Mumbai worked in a call centre. I found my job wasn’t really interesting. I was longing for a sociable work that involves meeting people every day. Therefore I chose this bartending career & joined in IIBT.”

Suraj aka Nagesh of MTV Roadies 8. successfully enthralled students at the Bartending Seminar & Workshop held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 for students of Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management.

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In 2010, Suraj should have been working in Mumbai as a sweeper which he mentioned in MTV Roadies however was working at a call center in Mumbai.

Undoubtedly i respect the judges of MTV Roadies as they know their job, however at the same time they are so dumb when comes to fake emotions. I have seen this so many times that someone with problems in their families or struggle in their life, somehow make judges select them. I am sure MTV Roadies is not about how much you suffered in your life.

Raghu and Rajiv should understand that this is not the first time when they have selected someone because the person touched them emotionally.

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54 Responses

  1. @isha – n ur the monkey total scripted
    suraj/nagash..takla brothers ranvijay..they r nothing bt a entertainer…….

  2. dis show sucks d twins were so fooled by dis suraj dat dey selected him for roadies he should hav been punished by raghu n rajeev

  3. Anchal is not deserving to win rodies 8 she is nothing its not good

  4. I saw the last episode of roadies, where these idiot brothers raghu and rajeev were saying try to accept your defeat, but I felt these guys are still not able to accept that suraj fu*k*d them and then Raghu started himself calling GOD, So i believe Suraj is the master of this game, he literally kicked every one’s assss on MTV roadies show and got a easy entry in the roadies 8. I think they should appreciate his talent of fooling these two idiots very easily. Kudos to Suraj and believe it or not Raghu n Rajeev (not smart chutia guys) are fooled by a smart guy (Suraj).

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