Do people actually know when to use LOL!

People add LOL unnecessary at the end of every sentence they it chat or facebook..or any other social platform.

It is very annoying seeing lol at the end of every line..even when what they are saying is not funny..adding lol is like a mandatory clause to write any thing for most of the population.

what does lol means??

LOL = laughing/laugh out loud

If you write something funny then it makes a little sense to add this idiotic phrase at the end of statement..otherwise it is as stupid as I have seen people confused with obama/osama names (yes there are people who some times refer obama Britain as osama)

People write…
really??? LOL
I am going to blah blah place LOL
My boss fired me LOL
and the list is endless…cause people add lol to almost everything..

what does that lol means here?

get back to your senses!!


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