Stuff to carry when travelling with an Infant

  • An extra set or two of clothes for baby, and an extra shirt or sweater for you. The one time you forget this, you will inevitably face the biggest, poopiest disaster of all time. I speak from experience on this.
  • Diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment. Pack more diapers and wipes than you think you will need—anticipate delays.
  • Disposable changing pads – Huggies makes a disposable changing pad that can be used once and thrown away.  Airplane restrooms are tiny, so you will need to take the pad out and make it fit the space.
  • Plastic bags to dispose of the mess. Newborn and small diapers can be put in air-sickness bags if you forget your plastic bag stash. It could be helpful to pack each diaper in its own plastic bag so you are certain you don’t run out. The best bags for this purpose are the long, skinny ones that the newspaper comes in, which can be twisted and doubled over to guard against smell.
  • Whatever your baby eats.
  • Favorite toys, blankets, teddy bear, or pacifier or other soothing tool.
  • A new toy to distract the child.
  • If your baby is teething, bring some teething rings and biscuits for her to chew on.
  • Medications needed for you and/or your child, prescriptions, and your pediatrician’s phone number.


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