All new Yamaha R15 or R18

Last week I got my bike serviced. Then I was talking to my mechanic, and he told me to hold on and not to go for the all new Baby CBR250R.
Reason: He was in training at Yamaha’s center and then they saw a brand new bike which looks more muscular, bigger, even bigger than CBR, bigger engine (looks like 180cc, that’s what he told me), wide rear, and what he discussed with the other members over there they told him, that this will be more powerful than the current motorcycles in India (including Pulsar 220 and CBR250R) and will be launching very soon.
Yamaha is about to launch the new R15, which might be a huge disappointment for the Proud CBR owners because this all new R15 will cost you around Rs 100,000.

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I don’t know what to call this bike R15, R165, R18, R20 or R250???

But whatever, this will rock the streets icon smile All new Yamaha R15 or R18

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  1. Yes there are lots of picture of new YZFR15 are floating on internet. Hope they will launch this soon.

  2. Thanx for a lively post. We all expect it to be soon but any idea about how soon?

  3. How did he know that its 180cc and it would be priced around 1 lac ???

  4. First, he is a mechanic and he has a discussion with the other guys who already work at the center. and they were suppose to not to disclose any information about this new beauty but somehow they got some to very minimal information.

    so, this new bike is going to be more than 150cc and delivering more power as well. what all we can do is wait and watch.

  5. about the pricing, that’s what the guy told me, that it would cost less than the current R15 :)

  6. Its going to be 22ps!

  7. not sure, but it would be great, if they deliver a stock yamaha with 22ps :) its going to make other bike makers cry (be it honda or our very own bajaj pulsar).
    considering its weight (not sure whats going to be, but assuming same as current R15 or +5 kgs), this bike would be the best VFM.
    But unfortunately, all these are speculations.

  8. Its confirmed that the new yamaha is going to be R15 only, but much much faster than the current version. and yes it is going to deliver 22 bhp and its weight is +5 kgs than the current version.

    Yamaha is about to deliver magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still not sure about the pricing.

    Will you contact your mechanic and post the details as soon as possible.

  9. Launch Date of new R15 is 6th of september, 2011
    Venue : Le Meridien, New Delhi


    R15 version 2.0

  10. and as mentioned earlier, cost could be 10,000 LESS than the current R15

  11. Tomorrow is the launch of R15 version 2.0.

    Le meridian, 4:30 pm on wards.

    Lets hope for the best specifications of this bike.

  12. Same power , same torque. disappointed. and even Rs 7000 more than the existing bike. which is kind of justified for all the new accessories added in version 2.0.

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